Sunday, August 8, 2010

camping & hiking

We had a lot of fun camping with Kenny and Jillaye this weekend. We got a spot at Granite Flats and it was really nice. It was so pretty and green that it didn't really look like Utah, more like Canada or something (not that I've ever been to Canada...). Jonas did alright - he got pretty mad when we wouldn't let him play in the fire or eat rocks. But I think that he still had fun.

His favorite part was crawling around in the mud.

The next day we hiked up Timp Cave. phew. My pregnant/mommy body could barely make it. It was the weirdest thing - I've never been the one trailing in the back on a hike before. I felt dizzy and thought I was going to faint most of the way up. I had to stop at like every switchback. It was pretty depressing - but Kenny and Jillaye were really nice and held back so we wouldn't be alone, pretending that it would have taken them that long anyway. Luckily Jonas slept the whole way up and the whole way back. It was pretty cute to see him just dangling in the little backpack.

It made me feel better that Lauren had a similar problem hiking the Y with her pregnant friend. I guess being pregnant really does affect you. I want to hike back up when I'm not pregnant just to see if it's as bad. If it's not then I'll feel much better about myself - if it is then it's time to start an intense exercise program. Which it may be regardless.

All of us on the way in - Brandon Annie, Jillaye Kenny, Rob and Karlan. The cave was pretty awesome - It reminded me of the Indiana Jones ride and made me want to go to Disneyland. :) We'll get there eventually.

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