Wednesday, August 11, 2010

big day

It's been a great day - Russell got off work early and we went to a nice little park in highland with my family and my aunt Cori & her kids. The weather was perfect and Jonas had so much fun playing in the water.

Jonas loved playing with everyone all around. He gets bored when I'm the only one at home to entertain him.

After we played for a while we left Jonas with my mom and went to the doctor for the big ultrasound. We were SO excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl. Pregnancy is kinda hard, but there are three days that are really exciting: when you find out you're pregnant, when you find out if it's a girl or a boy, and when you finally have the baby. Not to say that there aren't any other good days, but those are the ones to definitely look forward to.

Now for the pictures...

The cute little face. I'm excited to be able to kiss those little baby cheeks. But I can wait another 20 weeks.

The big reveal! Yep, in case you couldn't figure it out that there's nothing there - the technician printed it out nicely for us.

Then she crossed her legs like a polite little lady.

Is it weird that I'm posting these on the internet? probably. The mom and dad are probably the only ones who really like looking at ultrasound shots, huh.

Jonas wore himself out having fun playin in the stream while we were at the doctor's He was out in the five minute drive from Grandma's house. I love seeing him sleep. We're pretty good at making him take his naps so he doesn't fall asleep outside of his crib very often.

He's so cute when he's sleepy like this - maybe we should skip naps more often (just kidding Russell)

After the dr's appt I made Russell stop with me to buy something for our up & coming little girl. We went to Target and I was pretty depressed by all the crazy pink frilly, heart covered girl stuff. I've never liked pink, and I've never been a fan of frilly. yes, it has it's place, and it can be done tastefully... but it's not really for me. I started getting scared of having a girl looking at all of that flowery brightness, but then I saw these and loved them right away. Sigh, yes, girls can be girly and cute without being tacky. I can do this. :)

Cute little birdies on the bottom of the booties. (woah, say that ten times fast)

I love this kind of blanket for a newborn, this jersey (?) material is the best, it's wrappable and not to warm. I'm excited to use it.

Yesterday I made this shirt and i have to show you because I'm pretty proud of myself for not giving up and wimping out like I normally do on projects that last more than ten minutes. I used the material I got from Walmart - so the total cost for this shirt was $1. Can't beat that right?

I didn't have a pattern - I just kinda winged it. It definitely didn't turn out perfect - but it's totally wearable and comfortable. It was a good experience to figure out that I can do things I've never tried before if I put in a little bit of effort. I was really tempted to put it aside when it got to the finishing/edging stages - but I didn't, and by golly it paid off. Instead of having another pile in my craft cabinet I have another hanger in my closet.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

SO excited for your little GIRL!! Congrats! And nice shirt! I'm super impressed!

Katie said...

I got really excited when I read 'girl'! And that video made me giggle and want my own sleepy baby. Shoot. Congratulations!

Hannah Ashmore said...

so excited for you! i love shopping for my baby girl to be.