Friday, July 9, 2010


Say hello to one of my two pink shirts. I've never been a huge pink fan - but supposedly it's supposed to be flattering on pasty blondes like myself... or wait... is that unflattering? Can't remember. At any rate - I haven't worn this shirt since high school because the sleeves are too short and the neck is suffocatingly high. I decided to throw caution to the wind and cut it into pieces:

Then I took a couple of strips of white cotton and folded them in half, basted along the edge and gathered it together like so:

What? You can't tell what the heck is going on in that blurry crappy picture? Okay, well, sorry. bad light, bad camera, bad photographer who's too lazy to try to compensate by using photoshop.

Then i turned under the shirt opening a 1/4 inch and pinned the white ruffle in place. At this point you should probably iron it. In fact, you should probably have already ironed it a couple times - just for good measure, but i didn't.

Then I sewed double lines to keep it in place - which turned out to be harder than i thought because the t-shirt fabric is not forgiving. From my vast experience as a seamstress (comprising of watching project runway) I think that you're supposed to have a special machine to sew jersey. (This is jersey material right?) So it won't look completely professional unless you use other material. I tried to make up for it by using a wide stich so that it hopefully wouldn't stretch the fabric as much.

And once you're all done... drumroll please...

Ta-da! A shirt that I'll probably wear every once in a while! That is - until my belly gets too big so that it's impossible.

Speaking of the belly, like it? I'm 16 weeks and still in the meh stage. As in I'm still sick and I still just look chubby rather than pregnant. I'm hoping I'm gonna be turning a corner soon.

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Tiff said...

Anna! I love it. It looks soo good.