Tuesday, July 6, 2010

at the park + Stephen's birthday

We went up to Liberty Park with some visiting cousins a little while ago. It was a cloudy windy day and the car I was driving overheated and we got stuck on the off-ramp for a while. haha, pretty exciting. But it was fun to see cousins and to get out.

Jonas didn't really get the slide. We'd try to slide him down, and he'd stop himself with his feet and try to crawl back up. He'll get it eventually.

This is Darth Autumn. She's such a funny kid - she thinks that everything Jonas does is hilarious. :)
Steve's birthday was yesterday. He's so cute with Jonas. We took like 8 pictures and in all of them he and Jonas were making the same faces. They've got a connection, those two.

Lauren said that Stephen turning 18 makes her feel older than being married and pregnant does. Sheesh, me too. I remember Stephen looking like this just like it was yesterday.

He was the cutest little boy. Luckily he's turning into a really cool adult too. It's fun to have younger brothers and sisters grow up because they are like automatic friends.

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