Sunday, July 25, 2010

11 month old little man

Jonas is growing up. gah. it's scary. He's almost walking. His teeth are razor sharp and he doesn't have any mercy because he thinks that he's just playing. He crawls like the speed of lightning. He automatically goes for the dirtiest part of any room and tries to eat the dirtiest part of the dirtiest part of the room. He leads the music from our bench in Sacrament Mtg - then he tricks us into unintentionally letting him crumple hymn book pages. He says words that aren't words. He can click his tongue and he likes to suck in his lips to make funny faces. He throws little crackers off his highchair one by one to watch them fall, and then to watch me pick them up. He gives hugs and kisses (albeit sopping wet ones). He loves to open and close things and trying to comandeer any computer.

He's my little guy.


Lyndsay Budge said...

He is sooo cute!!!!

Delys said...

Wow! The gap is closing. Funny how being 3+ months apart equals big developmental strides apart in the first year, but now Jonas and Katelyn are much more play compatible. Let's get together and play...oh right, big 500 billion miles apart.

Mary said...

He's So cute! I can't wait to watch him for TWO DAYS!!