Friday, May 7, 2010

my chevron wall - before & after

These are not the best pictures - and it's still kinda messy in here - but it shows a couple things I've done to try and make it a little more cheerful and exciting in here.


It was just such a dark room. everything felt stuffy and cluttered. there wasn't enough light and the dark paintings just kinda sucked the life out of me.


I didn't change the layout because it just works so well for us, even though it's jam-packed. That's what comes with a little apartment i guess.

I got the mirrors and frames at DI and spray painted them.

I made the zig-zags with contact paper and this tutorial. I made it a little cheaper by just cutting strips and then placing them individually so that I didn't waste any contact paper. Yes, it was a freaking pain to do it that way. Then covered the wooden shelf/thing with fabric using liquid starch and this tutorial. It'll all come off completely and easily when we leave.

This is an oil painting I'm working on - it's drying on the wall because we got sick of it being on the kitchen table. Hopefully I get it finished evenutally. I still have more plans for the room and it's kind of a constant effort to keep the wires at bay. But it's already way brighter in here and it feels nice to have a change.

Cost? 4 Mirrors $15. 1 frame $5. 3 rolls Contact Paper $9. Fabric $4. For a grand total of: $33. Dang, I thought it would be less than that. oh well. could have been much worse.


Russell said...

nice monitor!

Lauren Terry said...

way to go! i'm so excited to see it in person but even the pictures look so great. thats inspiring. you should come to my apartment and talk ideas with me...especially if it takes me a while to find a job this summer. :)