Sunday, May 23, 2010


Jonas has been sick, I've been sick, Russell hasn't been sick... but I didn't get any cooking or cleaning done. At all. All week. With the exception of Hamburger Helper for dinner tonight, which was pretty disgusting. blech. never again.

But we did go to the Provo's Farmers Market on Saturday with Jon & Lauren and it was a lot of fun and really nice to get out after being holed up in the screaming sick dungeon. Then we saw Alice in Wonderland that night and were happily surprised (when you have low expectations, you're not too demanding and appreciate the good instead of being overly critical) (hmmm... that's a pretty negative approach isn't it).

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Mary said...

Yeah, mom said he is allergic to something. It sounds so sad! I am sorry. I will pray for you all. I love you big sis!