Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thinking outside the box & multi-tasking

Jonas entertains everyone at church with his alternative binky sucking methods.

One lady thought he had a mouth gaurd until he smiled:

He's also pretty good at multi-tasking - he can cry and play at the same time.

double duty from RoboRuss on Vimeo.

In fact, he can do pretty much anything while he cries. Talented right? Here he wanted me to pick him up, but got bored and decided to do a little playing on the side. I called your bluff buddy.

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Lauren Terry said...

I remember Emma doing that (not because she is the only Tyler to do that but because she is the most recent so its fresh in my mind). She'd be screaming and then go on auto pilot...forget that she was mad about something, then remember it and start screaming again. He sure is cute though. I bet its cuter when its only in 35 second increments. :)