Friday, April 2, 2010

cooking with cream

Normally I just ignore cream when it's in a recipe and try to replace it with milk or do something a little healthier. But I bought a tiny carton this week (the word tiny makes me feel better) and used it to make this Chicken Tetrazzini and Strawberry Shortcake. Both of these recipes were excellent. Russell just about died because the Tetrazzini was so good. I replaced the mushrooms with bacon (heck yeah), halved the butter and chicken, added crushed red pepper flakes and herbes de provence to give it more flavor, and doubled the peas (to make up for using real cream, right?). It was seriously so so good and easy. And I really liked the shortcake recipe because the biscuits were just barely sweet and it let the strawberries & whipped cream do the work. I guess that cooking with cream does make a difference. This is a bad discovery. Maybe just every once in a while can't hurt right?

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