Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fools

It's been a pretty fun day so far and I wanted to share an easy computer prank that, I'm pretty proud to say, I thought of all by myself.

You can set your computer (well not your computer, that would be pretty pointless, do it to someone else) so that it will play a sound bite at random times. I set Russell's computer to play this any time he closed a window. You can do it with any .wav file. I just searched the internet and downloaded something that I knew would be annoying.

On Russell's computer (he has Vista) You right click on the desktop, go to Personalize, and there's a sound icon at the bottom. For my old Windows XP it's at Start, Control Panel, Sounds. From there you select when you want the sound to play, and then hit browse and find your .wav file.

Yeah, kinda stupid, but I thought it was pretty funny. Then again, it was really early in the morning, and I was a little sleep deprived so just about anything would have been funny. There's still time to play this prank on someone! Never too late!

(Another easy one is to hit Ctrl+Alt+the down key. Fix it by hitting Ctrl+Alt+up key)


Lauren Terry said...

that is genius! i'm sure all of his ISYS friends thought he was so cool. hopefully it happened in class once or twice.

Lauren Terry said...
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