Tuesday, March 30, 2010

pancake inept

I'm not sure what my problem is, but since I've been married I have not been able to make a good batch of pancakes. It's weird, I've made them my whole life, but every time something goes wrong. It's just about the only breakfast food that I like, so every once in a while I'll give it a shot, and then end up throwing all of them into the garbage. Russell will smell them cooking and come out looking for them... only to be disappointed with cereal. I've even looked up tutorials that are supposed to make them fail proof, just to see where I'm going wrong. I made this one on Sunday - but I'm thinking my baking powder's expired or something. I can't figure out how I messed it up.

ANYWAY - I ended up making these German Pancakes instead and they were excellent. No hand mixing or flipping. Just stick it in the blender, then stick it in the oven. viola. breakfast.

(pic here)

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