Friday, March 19, 2010

i need a vacation

why why WHY doesn't BYU do Spring Break? I get that they want to give their students a head start on summer jobs, but seriously, it comes at a high cost. Every year at this time I start to go crazy. But, let's be honest, even if we had a spring break we wouldn't go on "vacation", because we never go anywhere. Really, I'm not sure if it would really even help if we did.

So here's my question: do the benefits of a vacation justify the money spent? I'm not talking an extravagant vacation like Europe, I'm thinking maybe St. George or California for the weekend. Whenever I start thinking seriously about going anywhere, I always come to the conclusion that I'd regret spending the money after the vacation's over. Or that by not saving every freaking penny I'm dooming us to debt for the rest of our lives. Or maybe I'm superstitious that if, for example, we drive anywhere for an extended amount of time it will upset the delicate balance that we have and our car will break down (which is loosely based on past experience). Almost as if we'll be blessed for not doing anything fun. How completely ridiculous does that sound? You'd think that I was raised in some strict Calvinistic/Puritan world or something. I guess some people could view mormon culture in that way, but I'm pretty sure that I mixed up a message somewhere with this one.



KatieKatieDuh said...

I am a firm believer in vacations and here is why: you go and have a great time and still get to come back longing for your own things, which makes normal life feel better, which means the money was well spent. Does that makes sense? And I always feel more calm when I get back. Well, I used to. Now I just want to stay because I want to move so bad! But it may be very good for your soul.

Delys said...

I think something is trying to tell you to come to Boston :) There's a beach just a five minute walk from our house. I know what you're saying though. It's only a four hour drive to New York and we keep thinking about going but always decide we can't afford to do anything once we get there.

Lauren Terry said...

BYU doesn't do spring break because they schedule so many things there year round. Does UVU has EFY all summer, education week, and multiple other small things going on the in the summer on campus? no - so they can afford to have the campus just sitting there for a week. but BYU packs it full. sigh...well...maybe to comfort ourselves, i'll come visit you on my spring break when my husband is still in crazy school too. :)