Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'll take the red, you keep the roses

It was a great Valentines Day yesterday! Russell really stepped up to the plate. He got me an awesome red bracelet, this picture, and then gave me chocolates in the most creative way I've ever heard. I'm so lucky to be married to such a great guy.

We also danced like crazy people to this song to make Jonas laugh. It's amazing what a parent will do to hear their kid laugh. It's probably one of the greatest sounds in the world. ...especially in contrast with all that screaming.

(pic here)


KatieKatieDuh said...

Favorite part: "Oh, do you have the camera?"
You guys are too great for words. I love that you film things and share them with me. :]

Lauren said...

Way to go Russell!

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Wow! Props to Russell! I've definitely never got a pinata from Dean!