Friday, February 26, 2010

growing up

I've been dying for music lately. I used to have new playlists every week and tons of new music all the time (way too much music considering I bought most of it legally so I spent... uh... way too much). So I've been going through my music library trying to see what I can find and it's kind of depressing. So much of it just isn't that good anymore.

I guess it's a sign of growing up, but punk rock used to be appealing to me in a small way. Now I just think that it's loud. LOUD. Gah! What's happening to me?! Also, there are some songs that are seriously so cool, but now that I'm married *ahem* I understand the lyrics a little more and I'm shocked. I just can't ignore them like I used to.

I remember my uncle David said something once about disposable songs - They're good for a couple uses and then they're just trash. Turns out I have quite a collection of those. dang. I wonder what it is that makes a song still good ten years later. I guess if they were really good to begin with. Okay - now i'm just spewing nonsense. at any rate - here are some songs that are still good to me now. We'll see how they hold up through the years.

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