Tuesday, February 9, 2010

adrenaline in the veins

My cute little sister is getting married. My best friend, the one that I shared a room with my whole life, the one that stayed up with me all night and memorized "Who Needs Sleep", the one who's always been my go-to whenever I need advice, or someone to complain to, or someone to watch a chick flick with... yes... Lauren Tyler is getting married. And not only is she getting married - she's getting married in 11 days. We're rushing around trying to get everything arranged and it's pretty exciting and crazy. My dad says that it's like those reality tv shows where they build a house in a week - except for ours is more impressive. Who'd think that you could plan a wedding in two weeks? Yesterday she found her ring and her wedding dress and she looks absolutely beautiful. I'm so excited for her. And a little sad at the same time. Can your little sister still be your little sister even though she's all grown up and married?

(don't worry, we're not rushing to arrange a shotgun wedding - Her amazing fiance Jon's parents are english teachers in China, and they want his Dad to be able to seal them in the temple while they're here. And a two week engagement is infinitely better than having to wait another 6 months or so until they're back, wouldn't you agree?)


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Holy Cow! I didn't even know!! Yay Lauren! Congrats! Good luck getting everything ready that fast.

Lyndsay Budge said...

That's so great!! Tell her I said "Congratulations"!! A two week engagement rocks!! Why wait if you know it's gonna happen? Good luck to you and your family with getting everything together! Will you ask her to send us an announcement?

Lauren said...

Thanks Anna! It wouldn't be nearly as good if you weren't doing so much for me. I am so happy and yet I can understand that it is a little sad. But that is just a tiny bit of sadness. And - I will always be your little sister, best friend, we just won't stay up memorizing songs at night anymore. But, we will do things like exchange recipes, hang out together during the day, and call each other when our kids are driving us crazy. You're so great Anna, thanks. Oh, and thanks for protecting my reputation by explaining its not a shotgun wedding. :)