Saturday, November 28, 2009

our weekend

Try again pictures of Jonas.

I told you he could smile...

(But even though he can smile, the screaming to smiling picture ratio is still about 10 to 1.)

Putting up the Christmas tree twice (It fell over in the night... bad planning on my part)

Trying to keep Jonas from chewing his own (and other people's) hands off.

Working on a Christmas present (it's a surprise!)

And playing my new favorite game: TETRIS FACE-OFF!

It's two player teris that's kinda like musical chairs - The player that's ahead when the song finishes gets to choose the next song. We kinda used that as a way to torture each other, as you can see by the playlist. I won 11 times and Russell won 6. (Bah hah!) Can you guess who chose what song? If you get it right.... I'll mail you a dollar. I know, big incentive huh. My brothers and sisters would go for it. Right guys?


Lauren said...

Jonas is so cute! I can't wait to cuddle him and kiss him again with the added pleasure of having my fingers chewed off. Good job with those pictures - and beautiful tree! I am excited to put one up at my house when I get back to Utah. Also, I think that you did Sunshine in a bag and only Russell would every choose a Weird All I right?

Kenny said...

Russell for sure chose the Spice Girls song.