Tuesday, November 3, 2009

blessing outfit - before & after

I was pretty shocked at how expensive (and generally ugly) baby boy blessing outfits were. most were between $50 - $100 for something they're only going to wear once. And then they were either little tuxes, sailor outfits (not sure why there are so many sailor outfits...) or they looked like they're for a mom who actually wanted a girl and was going to dress him like one. Even used ones cost around $40. So my mom and i decided that maybe we could make one or adapt something. We were walking around kid-to-kid and I found this... in the girl section... for $4.99:

Yeah... those are little roses and bows, and puffy sleeves. But with some applique work and a lot of hand stitching we were able to make this:

We removed the silk collar and puffy sleeves. I unpicked all the flowers and bows. My mom turned-under and ironed the white and blue argyle diamonds (thanks mom! I hate ironing) and I sewed them on by hand and did the argyle stitching. He wore a little white cotton polo underneath. It was actually a lot of fun and really satisfying being able to fix it and stitch it by hand. It made me feel all motherly and domestic. And it turned out really soft and cuddly and cute.

Just don't tell Jonas that it was originally for a girl...

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Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

I would have never guessed! It turned out super cute! I'm impressed!