Monday, November 16, 2009

baby cam

Okay, so I realize that no one is as excited to see videos of my baby as I am - but I've kind of had a rough day and this helps to remind me that it's all worth it. I could go on and into detail - but I'm typing one-handed and rocking Jonas to sleep - so I won't. I'm sure it's for the best though - no one likes a cry-baby (referring to me, not Jonas).

And this is random... but the phrase "baby cam" reminds me of Panda Cam. In college my friend Karlan loved to watch the Panda Cam which was a time-lapse picture feed of a baby panda in the San Diego zoo. Russell and I made our own version and I just found it again. I don't think she appreciated it much, and admittedly it's pretty stupid, but we thought we were pretty funny. Good memories :)


hxr said...
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Lauren said...

Well, the panda cam made John and me laugh so hard that we almost cried. And I already miss baby Jonas! Good thing I'll be home next week.