Friday, October 16, 2009

t-pain in the butt

Jonas has been crying pretty much constantly since 1pm. Russell captured it pretty well with his new iphone app (this is funny too).

(and I finally dyed my hair after years of wanting to and wimping out... yeah - turns out blond is better. oh well.)

(and check out the awesome blanket my mom and sister made. I love it!)


KatieKatieDuh said...

ah! I saw the picture before I read that you'd colored it and I was like, waaaaaaaait a minute. From what I could see, which obviously wasn't that much, it looks good! I'm so proud of you! (haha-it's weird but its true...)

Lauren said...

Ok, so I really like your hair. I haven't seen you since we did it and it looks so good. I'm not just saying that either - I think it looks really good on you. See you soon, I miss you guys.