Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh baby

I'm way excited. (granted - this stage of cuteness is about 6 months and roughly a year away - but I'm looking forward to all of it!)

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KatieKatieDuh said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I love how you don't actually say it, and if I hadn't seen Cassie's comment on your facebook I'd be like "What is she talking about?" But just the same, congratulations! I want to see monthly pictures!!

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Yay Yay YAY!! I'm WAY excited for you guys! You will be a totally stellar mom! I better get constant updates. And I know we didn't chat all the time or anything but I'm really upset that you don't have your cell phone anymore. I guess we'll have to work through it. Call if you ever want to complain about pregnancy and such. Hope you're through the worst!

Lauren said...

Oh Anna, I'm SO EXCITED. I told Abby Porter last night that you were pregnant (she didn't know yet) and she was so excited and it makes me more excited because it makes it seem more real. I guess to you there is no problem with it seeming real - you've felt crappy for three months now, but I'm not around you all the time so sometimes I forget. Anyway - yippee