Sunday, October 12, 2008

snowy and sick

So I'm feeling pretty crappy today - but I'm okay with it. It's the perfect day to stay inside and curl up in a big fuzzy blanket. Plus it's snowing outside. Plus yesterday I made this awesome soup that tastes soo good today (I didn't post the picture because, well talking about being sick and looking at the picture of the soup is kinda gross for some reason. I'm not gonna explain it). It's like I knew that I was going to get sick so I made myself soup ahead of time to help myself get better. Thankfully I had Russell to warm it up for me. :) I also made these pretzel rolls (I am pretty proud of myself for actually baking) and they turned out to be amazingly good. When I went to Germany in high school we stopped at a little gas station and I bought this pretzel bread sandwich with simple quality ham and cheese. I swear, to this day, I have never recovered. It was the greatest thing ever. These rolls totally were just as good. oh baby. Seriously. It cured my sickness.

(image by Kim Denise)


ltyler said...

ok, the soup and the bread looks awesome! Man - I want to make that bread too. It didn't look too hard either.

ltyler said...

Oh, and I'm sorry you were feeling sick, but I'm glad that you had some yummy soup to help you feel a little better. :)