Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Proof that I'm kinda weird...

So Andrea tagged me. I'm honored - thrilled - feeling kinda prideful actually that she would consider me. But really, I just think that she did it because she knew that I was kinda weird and wanted me to post 6 quirky things about me and Russell - maybe for blackmail - who knows.

1. This song has been stuck in my head today. I haven't heard it for years - I haven't thought about it for years - and all the sudden... BAM! I needed to listen to Major Tom:

2. I kind of have this obsession with food blogs. okay, maybe obsession is a strong word - but I really like checking them out (see this and this and this). I don't really make food that often - but I like to imagine that one day I'll be able to have the time... ha.

3. We both kind of have an
aloof interest in all things nerdy... We like nerdy things - not because we are nerdy - but because we like to make fun of people who actually like nerdy things. Complicated thought process I know. When we were at Borders the other day we found a Star Trek Encyclopedia for 4 bucks. It's hilarious that someone would spend the time to put together this huge massive book on details of a false reality. It's intriguing, crazy, embarrassing... and Russell and I bought it. Not because we're one of them you understand - just to add to our museum of nerdy things. I bought this movie from DI for the same reason.

4. I get the hiccups about once a day - normally when I'm on an important phone call at work so that I can burst hiccups into the phone.

5. Russell's a really good disco dancer. well - a really funny disco dancer.

6. bah - shoot - I can't think of anymore. It's getting late - but I came up with 5 things - that's pretty good right? I'm kinda tired so I think that I'll go to bed.

Lauren, Russell... my two blog readers... consider yourselves tagged - but you don't have to do 6 things - just do however many you're feeling like. :)

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Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Hey! Thanks for actually doing my tag! I love it! Oh and count yourself lucky that Russell actually reads your blog cause Dean never has any idea what's on ours! ;) Oh and you should just admit it, you really are a GEEK!