Tuesday, April 22, 2008

gosh dang it

oh well. Hopefully it doesn't snow right?


Eliza said...

I love Vampire Weekend!!! I know this was not part of this post but if you are like me I only read comments on the last post I did. When I am back in Orem you will have to let me copy your cd because I can't get it down here. The only thing you can get is country. HA HA HA

DEAN, ANDREA, and TANNER said...

Anna! When are you going to come back to the land of the living?!? I know you got married and all, but some of us can't live without your blog, so you must come back soon. ;) I hope you had a great honeymoon and that you love life in Wymount! P.S. I loved your reception and you were gorgeous!

ltyler said...

it did make a pretty intense day when right as you came out of the temple (looking so beautiful and happy) it started hailing. But David and Kristen said that you still got some amazing pictures so it all worked out great right. :)