Friday, February 1, 2008

threadless for your room

I've posted about Threadless before (they're that awesome website where people submit designs and they get voted into the coolest t-shirts ever but are too expensive for cheap people like me... okay, they're not THAT expensive, I'm just uber cheap) but I just found out today that they also make "wall graphics" of some of their designs! Wait, that doesn't sound amazing enough, but trust me, it's totally cool. Maybe I need to build that up in a better way... hmmm... let me try again.

Say GOODBYE to ugly wallpaper! SO LONG to boring white walls! Now, for the first time ever on this blog, it is my great pleasure to introduce... (major drum roll) ...

I know that this is a very exciting moment for all of you. Let me explain how this works. They take a popular clever design, like this:

And make it into a wall decal that you can put wherever you want, like this:

The big downside is that if I'm too cheap for those $18 T-shirts, then I'm WAY too cheap for these $75 dollar cool wall things. Maybe I'll try and recreate the effect with some colored permanent markers. :)

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