Monday, February 11, 2008

mission accomplished

After about a week of diligent effort Russell and I beat Super Mario 3. It was great Marriage Prep - you know, taking turns on the levels, working together against the bad guys, Russell saving every couple seconds when I played so that he could reload it every time I died, etc. (Yes, we played it on an emulator on his computer so that we could save it - otherwise I never would have made it through.)

So we beat the last level, and went into the final door to save the princess - and do we get rewarded for all our efforts? Does the princess gratefully offer our poor Mario a little kiss? Do we even get a 1 up? NO! All we got was this ungrateful screen (above). We didn't even get any fireworks. Okay, actually I wasn't too disappointed. I think that it's kinda funny that this is how they end the game. those nerds...

1 comment:

Russell said...

Yeah that was great.

You know we're going to have to go back and play the sock level again since we totally missed that part.