Wednesday, February 27, 2008

just a thought

This is the quote that was on my iGoogle homepage today. I'm usually not a big fan of inspirational quotes because they remind me of e-mail forwards, freshman girls, cat ladies, etc. (for an example see this presentation that was recently shown at my work in order to motivate the customer service, it's terrible , blech) - But this one is actually pretty inspirational to me today. I've been thinking a lot lately about the value of hard work and the irony of the modern ideas of happiness being connected with idleness. So much of this life is made up of doing hard things. I think that our happiness is totally reliant on being able to overcome and live with the hard things of life. Anyway. Just some things that I'm thinking about today.

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ltyler said...

That really is so true. I was talking to some boys yesterday who spend three days of the week skiing and I told them my rigorous schedule and they said, "when do you relax, what do you do for fun?" But the truth it I am happy and I'm working hard. AND I bought a cute summer dress today cause it was on sale and the bookstore and it was the last one. I have to add a hem but I will definitely show it to you. I am defying winter!! Anyway, thanks for reading my blog :)