Friday, February 8, 2008

i really shouldn't...

... but I want to buy this stool. (Yes, it is a stool, and no, it is not a weird kind of toilet) The other night Russell and I went on a double-date with Russell's little brother Jake and his friend Jessica. We ate at Maria Bonita and went to Comedy Sportz but that's beside the point - because after we went to a cool little place called Pudding on the Rice. The whole decor of the place is totally modern and different than anything else that I've seen in Utah. I totally loved it! The rice pudding was great and the lights (and bathrooms) were really cool but my favorite part was definitely the stools. They spin like a dream and you can adjust the height. I'm trying to justify it by saying that I could use it to cut hair (I cut all my family's hair - but I'm not the hair-cutting kinda girl - don't get me wrong). The cheapest place that I could find where you can buy them online is here.

Here's a shot from that night. Yep. I am definitely going to be a blushing bride. dang it.

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