Thursday, February 14, 2008


I've never been a big fan of hearts - But since today is Valentines Day I'm going to make an exception.

This is a cute poster with what I assume must be two bikes in love, or maybe the artist was in love with bikes. Or it could be two bikes in a blue world with a hole in the shape of a heart in the wall. Anyway, you can buy it and other posters like it here.

Yesterday I was thinking that I wished that I had some Transformer valentines to give to my friends at work. Then this morning when I came upstairs there was a whole stack of them left over from Joseph's for his class. No Joke. It's a Valentines miracle.

I have been craving M&Ms for a really long time. Man, right now this picture looks like the greatest thing ever. Well - actually that's wrong. This guy without question always looks like the greatest thing ever, hands down. But if I could have anything right now that was edible, I think that I would go for these M&Ms. Yum.

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