Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last night Russell and I watched the movie Sunrise. It's a silent film that was made in 1927 and Russell had to watch it for one of his classes. I noticed that it was on the 100 AFI list so I figured that I'd give it a shot. Before we watched it I wondered how on earth they could make a full-length silent movie interesting. We started the movie and the first scenes totally made us mad. We almost turned it off because this guy seems like a total scumbag in the beginning (well, he was a total scumbag in the beginning) but don't give up because it gets better. It's kind of melodramatic and the acting is exaggerated, but you get used to it. I actually really liked it and I'd recommend it to all of you! and the best news of all is that it's all available on youtube! Russell and I watched it all from there. It's divided up into 9 sections and it's definitely worth it. The first installment is right here:


jeffhollan said...

Yeah I watched that last semester for TMA 102. Lauren and I thought the same thing. It did get a little slow in the middle, chasin pigs and such, but I was really surprised too.

Too bad all the movies for TMA aren't that good. "It's a Gift".... Awful!

ltyler said...

Oh yeah! I really did like that. It was actually really good. Some of the drama made me roll my eyes but it was still great.