Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ikea, i love you

... don't worry Russell, not as much as I love you, but this fabric is awesome.and yeah, I know that there are hearts in the pattern, and yes, I know it's a shade of red that wouldn't match anything else that I have, but I still love it. The other ones that they have... not so much. But this fabric inspires me to make a chair like this {via Shelterrific} :

I think that I probably like the fabric that they used better. But it still would be pretty cool with the ikea fabric too. Either that, or I want to make some kind of basic quilt with little buttons instead of those yarn ties. That might be kind of annoying actually, but it would probably be pretty dang cute.

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ltyler said...

oh very cool!!! wow I really really like that. I love all your posts about decorating cause it inspires me to do something daring with my own room which you will soon vacate and I can actually have some space that i can do something with.