Saturday, January 12, 2008

cool project with not so cool name

Alright - This is TOTALLY cool - but the name could make many moral-minded people go "huh?". So let me define it for you right off the bat:

Tiled printing, sometimes known as rasterbating, is a feature
of many computer programs that enables them to print images
larger than a standard page. The program overlays a grid onthe
printed image in which each cell (or tile) is the size of a printed

page and then prints each tile. A person can then arrange the
tiles to reconstruct the full image.

Phew! there you go. So with that clarification out of the way you can now look at this link without thinking that
I'm a terrible dirty person. It's an online program where you can take any image, upload it, pick your specific settings, and then it will make a pdf of standard sized paper that you can save to your computer and print off to piece together a poster that's any size you want! You can do it in color, black and white, or you can change the color scheme to whatever you want.

On the website they have examples of what people have done with it - but i think that most people are missing the complete awesomeness potential that this really has. Someday I'm going to do it justice. I'll let you guys know when I do!


Russell said...

this is way cool! Now if we we can just think of some picture worth blowing up to those proportions -- oh, I know! We can make a huge evil robot versus monster dinosaur battle picture, and then we could have the war scene all over the living room wall! or maybe we could make a huge picture from a Where's Waldo page! the possibilities are endless....

Anthony, Valerie & Tate said...

I know of a picture anna could hang up that has alreay been tiled wink wink :)