Sunday, January 13, 2008

chris merritt music

Big Thanks to Lauren for introducing me to this band!(I'm not sure if he'd technically be called a band or an artist or singer/songwriter or whatever... There are 3 people in his band so it's not just him, but they do just go by his name. whatever. bleugh.) She also gave me his cd "Hello, Little Captain" which is awesome. It's the kind of music that would make cleaning your room fun. Actually, it makes me want to go on a road trip or something.

So Russell and I went to a live performance by him the other night at Velour in Provo and he was seriously just as good as he sounds on the cd. I was pretty impressed. It was fun to see him live and I think that it might have even been worth sitting through the other *cough* bands that we had to get through to listen to him. He's living in Utah right now so he's doing a lot of live performances so if you get the chance to see him live I would totally go for it!

Listen to his music here or download a free song here (Tower of Sand, great song) or buy his music on itunes here (If you're into that sorta thing, which I totally am).

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