Monday, January 21, 2008

bridesmaid dresses

Hey Karlan, Jillaye and Lauren! Good news! I found the perfect bridesmaid dresses for you guys to wear:
But if you're lucky enough to get the one on the left you absolutely have to do your hair like that. And if you get to wear the dress on the right then you have to hold your arms like that through the whole reception - otherwise you'll destroy the look and my wedding will be ruined. ... ... ... Okay. I'm just kidding. These dresses are actually made out of paper and a little too kooky for my taste - but they are kinda cool when you consider that they're just paper, as long as you never have to wear it that is.

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Lauren said...

Hey so this might be a little late, and you might've already ordered our dresses, but I was kind of hoping for sleeves on my dress. So...could you maybe just alter mine a little, but I do love it....I really do............................