Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wannabe homemaker

I've always wanted a cute little apron. We never really used them in my home growing up. If you were cooking something messy, then it would just get all over the place. That's what a washer and dryer are for anyway right? But I think that if I had a nice apron I would be more motivated to cook beautiful meals. (I thought the same thing about exercising when I bought these cute yoga pants... and that hasn't happened yet but I'm still hopeful!) These cute aprons from Anthropologie seem like pretty good motivation to me.


Anthony, Valerie & Tate said...

I am going to miss you Anna Banana Forever!

ltyler said...

Haha thats totally true, you really did just get messy. But wouldn't you not want to cook cause they you'd get your cute apron all messy? :)