Thursday, December 20, 2007

my music choice of the week

Listen to The Shins. You might not like it at first... but it will grow on you. Do it! I'm commanding you to do this as my Christmas present to you. You'll thank me later. I highly recommend their new album "Whincing the Night Away" and especially a cover that they did of a well-known Postal Service song that I found on iTunes called We Will Become Silhouettes on the Such Great Heights-EP Album. It's so so good! It's like soul juice that pours in through your ears and spreads happiness throughout your whole body.

1 comment:

ltyler said...

Nice music video...haha, lets do that for a double date, Russell and Anna plus Jeff and Lauren, we could let go some way cool balloons. Or we can do 99 red balloons if we want to pretend like we're in high school again.