Monday, December 10, 2007


The title to my blog comes from a great song by one of my favorite bands. Ten points to anyone who can name the band that sings this song... .... Okay, I'll tell you, it's The Format. I just thought that it's an interesting title that makes an interesting statement. Let's reflect for a moment on the meaning of the word "actual", sponsored by our good friend

1. presently existing in fact and not merely potential or possible;
2. taking place in reality; not pretended or imitated;
3. being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something;
4. existing in act or fact;
5. being or existing at the present moment;

So basically with a title like that it seems like I'd either be some kind of emo punk who merely 'exists' or maybe I'm really into Ernest Hemingway novels and existentialism. I'm not really either one of those. Of all the definitions listed above - I think that my vision for this blog, and my life in a way, best fits with the second or third definition.

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ltyler said...

reflective on genuine character, thats just cool Anna. One of your brilliant ideas like naming your ipod Sergei.