Friday, December 14, 2007

awesome old pictures

When I used to work at Carol's Copy Center people would bring in these big boxes of really old pictures for me to copy. After all those hours of looking at those I've developed this fascination with old pictures. It's like holding history in your hand! Well I found this totally cool site that has lots of old pictures posted for everyone to see and share. Since a lot of these people are probably already dead I don't feel like I'm a stalker by looking at pictures of people that I don't even know. :) It makes me want to frame them all and make this awesome whole wall collage of cool old people and cool old pictures.

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ltyler said...

I feel a sort of stange connection Anna. I remember those stupid jobs where they wanted all these different sizes of old pictures made into..."this big" as they hold up their hands to show you how big :) But those are intense pictures, kinda crazy and somewhat scary. Jeff is going to have nightmares, so could you let me know before you post a scary blog again :)